IRS to open for business Jan 28, 2019

Every year, one of the big questions is, ‘When is IRS going to open for business?’. It varies, depending on many factors, one of which is the current status of our government. This year with the government shutdown, IRS has been classified as ‘essential’ and is allowed to operate, even with no federal budget in effect. The actual date that IRS will begin accepting returns is Jan 28, 2019.

The fact that IRS is open for business still doesn’t mean you can get a refund immediately. There is still the fact that IRS doesn’t start processing returns with EIC credits until Feb 15 or later.

We are still happy to perpare your return as soon as you are ready and have all the documentation you need.

This is our second year in our new location and we are looking forward to working with you to get you the biggest refund possible.

IRS to open for business Jan 28, 2019

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