Don’t pay the national tax firms too much money!

If you decide to go to one of the national tax firms to get your 2018 tax return prepared, prepare to pay too much money! We provide personal service, e-file your federal and all state returns, and provide all the additional services that the national firms offer.

Tax time is here! Whether we like it or not, in spite of the government shutdown, we still have to prepare and file income tax returns. We open daily at 10:00AM. Close time is 6:00PM Mon – Fri, and 3:00PM on Sat. Thursdays we may not open, depending on how busy we are. If our regular hours won’t work for you, call us to arrange a time that fits. However, if we give you an appointment for 7PM, please don’t just decide you aren’t showing up without letting us know.

How can we do it for less money???

We can prepare your return for less money than any of the large national firms. We can do this because we don’t pay hefty franchise fees to use their software. You are paying for all the commercials you see on TV. There are dozens of them every night. That is expensive! We buy high quality, accurate software each year, and e-file your return through a national service at significantly less cost than the franchise fees mentioned above.

What do you get for your money??

You might think that if you pay less, you get less, but that is just not true. We offer all the perks of the large companies except their name on the front of your tax folder. We can do this because we have teamed up with a bank, EPS Financial, to provide all the extra services. We accept cash, checks and cards as payment. If your refund is large enough, we can take your prep fee out of your refund. Of course this costs extra, just like the big firms. We can do refund advances, if you qualify, just like the big firms. We can also provide your refund as a direct deposit or a prepaid Visa card, We can direct deposit to any account that has a bank routing number and an account number.

So don’t pay too much to get your 2018 tax return prepared. Call us, make an appointment, we will set aside time for YOU, and we will ‘git er done’!

Don’t pay the national tax firms too much money!

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